Parade for tinhorn and tinsel! –Robert M. Shelby, 10-4-10.

Here come the Red Shirts, marching into meetings while sitting in chairs or standing against the walls. They call themselves “Patriots” who “take back their country” to restore Abe Lincoln’s ideal “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” so that they shall not “perish from the earth.” Beat the drum slowly, these folks are marching backwards. The more they succeed, the more everyone fails except the two-percenters. You would suppose everyone is in hock to these two-percenters.

Red Shirts blindly imagine they live in Cloud Land with the two-percenters and that all will be well or better for them if they hitch their wagons to the stars of the few. Oh, yes, these two-percenters have climbed so high and own so much, and so many people, they must really be smart enough to run everything rightly. Aren’t they proven managers? Don’t ask, of what for whom. Don’t ask who or how many they hire to manage things for them, or how much they pay. Don’t mention that some *one quarter-percenters* want a “government of the people, by the government, for the corporate wealthy.”  Wake up! That’s the very definition of fascism.

Fascism isn’t jackboots and stiff-arm salutes, it’s the collusive amalgamation of business and government. For us people, they’ll have swat teams and work camps unless we bow down, completely. Goodbye, democracy. Goodbye, Social Security. Goodbye, Medicare, consumer protection, environmental safeguards, unspoiled land, clean air and fresh water. Goodbye to meaningful politics, grassroots power or any shred of legislation left from the New Deal or Great Society. Hello, privatized military services. Hello, death-committees for private health care and insurance. Hello, privatized Internet, prison system, higher prices, lower wages. Goodbye, freedom for anything but to sit at home or go to work as directed and crack your back while there. Goodbye, labor union, eight-hour day/five day week, minimum wage, child-labor law, work break, vacation, maternity leave, workman’s comp. Goodbye to worthwhile voting, that’ll be for lobbyists only.

Oh, not all at once. Gradually, the mega-rich Few will see to it that those little red wagons never get hitched. The Few have their own starry agenda which includes Red Shirts only for window dressing. Will the blind, Tea Party folks be able to tell any difference between that Trickle-down, Suck-up Order they love to think they don’t want and the so-called Socialism they hate too much to define aptly or distinguish from a Fairly Regulated Enterprise Capitalism? Not likely. No, these drunken Tea Party folks dream they’re revolutionaries marching with fife, drum and flag straight to glory. Well, the music they sing and march by is provided by the Few, for the Few and their privileged hirelings. They stir up Muslim fear and fundamentalist militancy so we have something to be permanently afraid of and to war against because angry fear is their ticket to the crazy circus parades inside us that we do not control. Beware what you hate, that’s what you may get—if it isn’t already wrapping you like a python: Police State Socialism for the rich, unhelped, defenseless, split-up Individualism for you.

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